“Tell Me About Yourself”

That’s probably one of my least favorite sentences to hear. It’s almost just as bad as “what’s your zodiac sign?”

(it’s Taurus btw so do with that information what you’d like). But, if you really want to know me here it goes:

My favorite book:

The Unbearable Light of Being by Milan Kundera

This book gave me an existential crisis as a senior in high school. I read it every year.

My least favorite book:

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I know some people just closed this tab. I get it. It’s just boring (in my opinion).

My favorite word:


Learned this one in a middle school English class and it has made an appearance in every single essay I’ve written since. Also, it’s just fun to say.

My least favorite word:


Obvious reasons.

The best advice I’ve ever been given:

"Someone is always going to be better than you so might as well stop trying.”

- my mother

The worst advice I’ve ever been given:

“We don’t need sunscreen, it’s cloudy”

- my best friend