In April of 2020, I entered a scholarship competition for something that I am extremely passionate about. Project Yellow Light is an initiative to stop texting and driving among teens. The Hunter Garner Scholarship is sponsored by Project Yellow Light and their partners AT&T, Ad Council, Clear Outdoor Channel, iHeart Radio, and NHTSA. This competition invites high school and college students to send a message to their peers through a billboard, radio, or video advertisement that encourages young adults to stop texting and driving. Along with the scholarship awarded, the billboard design I created was displayed on billboards in 26 different cities across the country and in Times Square, New York City.
This was an incredible opportunity for an amazing cause and an experience that I will forever be grateful for. 

Too many loved ones have been lost due to completely preventable car accidents. To learn more or donate to the Hunter Garner Foundation please visit

Statistic: Around 500 people a year are killed due to texting and driving related accidents.
Unspoken Truth: Teens think of the convenience of texting on the road rather than the consequences.

Big Idea: Texting and driving accidents are completely preventable by texting BEFORE you get behind the wheel.

Original Submission


Digital Billboard
Times Square, NYC