Statistic: 7,079 different species are critically endangered as of 2021.
Unspoken Truth: People do not realize the irreversible consequences that deforestation and pollution have on animals.
Big Idea: Some things can never be replaced.

Graphis New Talent Silver Award Recipient



This campaign would be found in zoos all around the country. As people walked around, looking in enclosures, they would come across an enclosure for a certain species of animal. The enclosure would look normal but, in reality, it would be empty. Therefore, people would be prompted by a sign to scan a QR code and put their phone up to the glass in order to locate the animals.

When people scan the QR code and put their phone up to the glass, an augmented reality would pop up and show the species of animal that is supposed to be in the enclosure.

Then, a dialogue box would pop up explaining that the species of animal is actually extinct and how it went extinct. Following the information about the animal, people would be prompted to help the cause by signing a petition to help stop deforestation and to protect endangered species.